Work Life Balance for College Students

We all know the drill – head straight from class to work in a restaurant or shop then go home and shower left with just little time to prepare for the next day’s examination. Finding the perfect work life balance as a college student can seem impossible. How do you stay sane in this kind of routine?

It’s tough, that’s for sure.

College is the stage of learning how to do a balancing act, especially when you are working your way to finish school. How will you deal with situation such as this without losing yourself?

Work Life Balance for College Students

1. Organize

List down all assignments, work schedules and socialization you wish to attend. With all of the planner, bullet journal, and app options out there; you really have no excuse for not staying organized.

2. Prioritize

When you create a task list, be sure to prioritize items. To help you with this, make sure you consider what happens tomorrow or in the future. What are the consequences of your decisions and priorities?

3. Treat Yo Self

Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle knew what was up when they shared their timeless words of wisdom on on Parks & Rec. “Treat. Yo. Self.” Enjoying leisure time on a regular basis is not only your right – it’s totally necessary. You’ll burn out quickly if you forget to make time for yourself to enjoy the little things.

4. Stay healthy

Getting enough sleep, exercising and most of all eating healthy are greatest practices for you to stay alert and ready for the tough days ahead. It prevents you from getting sick and it can combat stress. No matter what, your body is still your biggest investment.