Watch TV Online for Free

Who needs cable when you can watch all your TV online – for free? According to this article by Variety, nearly 22 million adults cancelled their cable and satellite TV by the end of 2017! With the average cost of cable TV at around $100 per month, you can save a ton of money by cutting the cable cord. These websites will let you watch your favorite shows and movies online, for free! If you have a tool like Chromecast, Roku, or the Amazon Firestick you can stream videos from your phone to your TV.

Free TV Online

  1.    Popcorn Flix
  2.    Crackle
  3.    Snag Films
  4.    Tubi TV
  5.    Viewster
  6.    YouTube, which is not supposed to have copyrighted content, has plenty of it. There are a lot of series uploaded to YouTube.
  7.    Major networks like Lifetime, ABC, NBC, and PBS let you watch some episodes for free online.
  8.    Hulu and Netflix are not free, but you can get free trials. Even if you do sign up, at only $8/month for Hulu and $10/month for Netflix, the cost is only a fraction of a cable bill.