Watch TV Online for Free

Who needs cable when you can watch all your TV online – for free? I know I sure don’t (I do however pay for basic cable because it’s cheaper because of bundling). There are plenty of ways to catch up on your favorite TV shows without being a slave to their schedules or shell out a small fortune.

1. Hulu has a large number of TV shows and movies, as well as video clips. It’s missing a lot of episodes and series/movies, but it has most of the popular ones.

2. Surf the Channel is a similar website that has pretty much the same content, but it does have a few that Hulu does not.

3. Most of the major networks have their recent episodes available for online viewing.

4. Torrents. Because I don’t want the MPAA cracking down on me, I’m not saying that I do this. It’s just one possibility.

5. YouTube, which is not supposed to have copyrighted content, actually has plenty of it. There are a lot of series uploaded to YouTube. This is how I watched season four of Grey’s Anatomy actually.