Find the best scholarships for you

One of the greatest things about college is the free money people will throw at you. Yes, that’s right, scholarships and grants. Unfortunately, your income has to be pretty low to qualify for most grants, I’m talking low enough that it’s hard to even live on. So, scholarships are your best friend.

The essay
Most scholarship applications include an essay. And it may not seem like a big deal, unless you’re applying for multiple scholarships, in which case it’s an extremely big deal because that means multiple essays. Not true. Usually, the scholarship essays are pretty generic and you can use the same essay over an over again. A good idea is to write one about your life and any obstacles you’ve overcome that made you a better person. Those are killer. But a better one is something that will tell the reader about you and what you really care about (your dog, Thumper or how you live to play baseball.) Did you really volunteer with the elderly because you live to help people or to put it on your college application? If you’re a funny person, let them know that. If you are a bleeding heart, bleed all over that paper. An essay is about selling yourself and if you really have to embellish, then go ahead. You have bigger problems anyway.

Where to find them
Your school advisers have the best collection of local scholarships, which give you a better chance. Also, most colleges have their own scholarships, which I think are just discounts since they’re the ones giving it to you. Either way, it’s money you don’t have to pay back. Most undergraduates with decent grades and a half decent essay can get something out of their school if they apply. After you’ve tapped those resources, online is the next step. Here’s three websites that were crucial for me.

Be careful though, when giving out personal information. Make sure it’s a legitimate scholarship before you give too much info. Stay away if they want some of your money.