Budget Friendly Colleges in Every State

In today’s troubled economic times, people are struggling to earn enough money just to live. It’s no surprise then that many students are being forced to base their choice of a higher education institution on cost. Fortunately, there are affordable schools out there, no matter where you live, and you don’t have to sacrifice a great education in order to attend them. We’ve compiled a list of the top schools in terms of affordability and quality education for each state.

Alabama: In the land of the South, there’s no better place to be than Alabama A&M University, located in Normal. This school’s average tuition is an affordable $4,072 per year. This is an awesome place to be for anyone who is considering a career in agricultural, mechanical, or other hands-on fields.

Alaska: If you can stand the cold, then get yourself on down to Alaska Pacific University, based in Anchorage. Here, the average tuition rate is only $21,010. Best of all, you’ll get to live in one of the most happening cities in the entire state. Anchorage has a vibrant and fun college life.

Arizona: For a private school that won’t cost a fortune and to live in an awesome, thriving city, consider the American Indian College of the Assemblies of God Inc. Here, you’ll only pay around $6,645 per year. Plus, you’ll be a part of a very small student body (68 students at last count!). Not everyone is eligible but, if you are, you’ll get the most hands-on, dedicated attention you’ll find anywhere.

Arkansas: Another smaller, private school that deserves a spot on our list is Arkansas Baptist College, located in Little Rock. For only $5,500 per year, you could get a quality, religious education.

California: For the budding artist, we strongly recommend liberal, laidback Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Learn from some of the top art teachers in the world, and take away skills that you can use in a wide variety of different ways. Plus, the tuition is only around $14,680 per year.

Colorado: Talk about a cheap education—Adams State College really takes the cake. In-state tuition is often as low as $3,466 yearly. Situated in lovely Alamosa, the skimpy price-tag doesn’t mean this institution is skimpy on learning. It offers many excellent programs.

Connecticut: We know that the cost for Albertus Magnus College in New Haven might surprise you, especially when compared to other schools on our list. However, this school has such a stellar reputation and such awesome, intimate classes and learning opportunities that we had to include it. What you get for the price—$21,224 per year—makes it well worth it.

Delaware: State schools have long been known for being affordable schooling options, and Delaware State University is no different. Situated in Dover, you can attend this awesome school for the low price of $6,146 per year.

Florida: Many of Florida’s schools tend to come with high tuition rates, which is why you shouldn’t be alarmed that the figure for the Acupuncture and Massage College is a little higher than you might expect. Yes, the school costs around $12,000 per year, but it’s situated in beautiful, fun-loving Miami. Plus, it is the place to attend school if your passion is acupuncture, massage, or other holistic arts.

Georgia: Georgia might have a reputation for being full of rednecks, but it also happens to be full of a lot of awesome and very affordable schools. One of our favorites is Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, located in Tifton. Don’t let the name fool you, however. This school isn’t just for future farmers—many people find exciting academic paths here, and all for the bargain price of $2,374 per year.

Hawaii: Brigham Young University at Hawaii is a religious institution, but many students of the school are not religious. Yes, a large chunk of the student population consists of average folks attracted by the awesome programs and the low tuition costs. This top-ranked Laie school comes with tuition of only around $3,250.

Idaho: We’re adding yet another religious institution to our list, and that’s because many such schools are affordable and also small enough to enable students to learn in a real, interactive, hands-on kind of way. Develop close relationships with your peers and your professors at Boise Bible College. The cost is around $7,725 yearly.

Illinois: American Intercontinental University is famous for its online educational programs. However, it also has several physical campuses around the nation. One of those campuses is located in Hoffman Estates, and features a great tuition of only $12,258 per year. Best of all, you can mix and match online and traditional classes to suit your busy lifestyle.

Indiana: As you can probably tell, we love smaller schools! There’s just something about the one-on-one attention you can receive from these institutions that makes them special. A prime example is Ancilla College, which has a student body of only around 511 and is located in Donaldson. Expect to pay $11,480 per year.

Iowa: If you’re looking for an associate’s degree, either as a start to your education or as the end-all be-all, look no further than the Easter Iowa Community College District in Davenport. For the low price of $3,060 per year, you can earn an associate’s degree in two years or less (on average).

Kansas: Continuing on in our trend of loving community colleges, there’s Allen County Community College of Iola. Offering a wide range of accelerated programs, the school’s tuition is a more than reasonable $1,856 per year.

Kentucky: Alice Lloyd College at Pippa Passes is an awesome little school like no other you’ll ever find. If you like small class sizes, diversity, and lots of choice when it comes to picking a major, this is your school. It’s easy on the wallet too, with a yearly price-tag of $8,250.

Louisiana: There are countless songs written about Baton Rouge, and once you’ve been to this unique and charming city, you’ll see why! You’ll get the opportunity to truly experience it if you attend Baton Rouge College, which you can do for around $7,500 per year.

Maine: You’ve probably heard the stereotype that everyone who lives in Maine is rich. If that one doesn’t happen to apply to you, then we suggest you checkout Andover College. You still get an artsy education in the bohemian city of Portland, but you’ll only have to pay around $9,806.

Maryland: Anne Arundel Community College, located in Arnold, isn’t your typical community college. Sure, it offers associate’s degree programs and has programs for adult and other non-traditional students, but it also has a huge focus on culture, history, and personal enrichment. Your well-rounded education will come with a well-rounded figure attached—$5,440 per year.

Massachusetts: Finding an affordable college in this state can prove a little tricky, but not if you choose Atlantic Union College, which costs around $16,080 per year.

Michigan: Michigan is yet another state where the majority of schools come with a hefty cost attached. However, Baker College of Allen Park is the exception to this rule, with an average tuition of only around $6,600 per year.

Minnesota: If you want a good education but know that your future career is likely to be more technical and hands-on than it is literary or academic, we suggest Alexandria Technical College, where tuition is approximately $4,907 yearly.

Mississippi: If you want a campus where it’s easy to make friends and where sports are king, you’ll love Alcorn State University. The cost isn’t half bad either, ringing up at around $4,324 per year.

Missouri: Think you can hack cute, homey Springfield? If so, think about Bryan College, where tuition is only around $8,619 per year.

Montana: Blackfeet Community College is an excellent place for those seeking two-year degrees to consider. Based in Browning, the total for this school is approximately $2,000 yearly.

Nebraska: Bellevue is a rather famous town in Nebraska, and one awesome thing that it’s famous for is affordable Bellevue University, which has average tuition costs of around $5,445 per year.

Nevada: The College of Southern Nevada is a great place for any penny-pincher to be—unless, of course, you like to gamble. If you do, then the college’s Las Vegas location might be a problem! If you can manage to set aside $1,763 of your slot machine winnings per year, you can attend this school!

New Hampshire: Unfortunately, New Hampshire is another state in which the school price-tags tend to be a little on the steep side. One slightly more affordable option—and one that is well worth the cost—is Chester College of New England, costing around $15,930 per year on average.

New Jersey: Not everyone is eligible to attend Assumption College for Sisters—and for obvious reasons. If you fit the criteria, however, we strongly recommend this Mendham school, which costs around $4,900 per year.

New Mexico: One of the most affordable schools on our list is Central New Mexico Community College, located in Albuquerque. You get an awesome location and an equally awesome education for the bargain price of $1,970 yearly.

New York: Ah New York! There are so many good schools here, but they’re not all (or even most) easy on the wallet. However, when money is tight, you can think about Adirondack Community College in Queensbury, which costs an impressively low $3,357 per year.

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North Carolina: If you don’t mind small towns and believe you can still get a stellar education from a small place, consider Alamance Community College of Graham. For only $1,294, you can get the tools and skills you need to eventually leave small-town life in the dust!

North Dakota: As a state college, Bismarck State is very affordable. For only around $3,132 per year, residents can get an education and start taking steps toward success.

Ohio: If you want the kind of flexibility that will allow you to take both online and traditional classes, then the Akron Institute of Herzing University might be the place for you! This school won’t petrify your pocketbook either; the tuition is only around $12,460 per year.

Oklahoma: Lawton is an awesome place to be, and so is Cameron University—one of its top schools. Enjoy a top-notch education in a sweet place for only $3,872 per year.

Oregon: Again, community colleges are the way to go if you’re trying to save moo-la. That’s especially true in Oregon, where college costs can be on the outrageous side. Blue Mountain Community College is an affordable Pendleton school—only costing about $3,002 per year.

Pennsylvania: Want to save some money and get a great education at the same time? The choose Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, which costs around $6,623 yearly.

Rhode Island: Rhode Island might be a small state, but it’s not small on educational opportunities or, unfortunately, on tuition costs. One exception is Gibbs College, a great school based in Cranston, which has a neat price-tag of $13,450.

South Carolina: We told you—religious schools have a knack for being affordable! That’s one reason to love Cathedral Bible College (average tuition cost: $2,100). Another is the fact that it’s located in Myrtle Beach—there’s no need to say more!

South Dakota: Affordability and a little touch of country life can easily be found at Black Hills State University of Spearfish. The cost is “country” too, at an unbelievably low $5,803 per year.

Tennessee: Yup, we’re pulling out yet another religious institution. For low costs, consider American Baptist College, with its awesome Nashville location and its even more awesome $4,800 average tuition cost.

Texas: There are few places that capture the Texas spirit more than Amarillo. If you want to feel that spirit while getting a great education, think about Amarillo College, which costs only $1,674 per year.

Utah: There are more than just Mormons in Utah! There are also many excellent and affordable schools. We really like the friendly, down-to-earth College of Eastern Utah, which costs approximately $2,160 per year.

Vermont: We certainly can’t forget chilly but lovely Vermont. Check out Castleton State College for a too-cool price of around $7,244 per year.

Virginia: We’ll say it again—community colleges are a great choice for saving money, especially in this economy where a degree doesn’t necessarily equal employment. Skilled trade and technical jobs often require no more than a simple associate’s degree, and they pay well. You can get that degree without spending a fortune if you attend Blue Ridge Community College, which is located in Weyers Cave and costs around $2,307 yearly.

Washington: Similar to community colleges, technical colleges are another great alternative to the traditional, four-year educational path. We like Bates Technical College, located in Tacoma, which costs around $3,914 per year.

West Virginia: There are many not-so-nice jokes about the state of West Virginia, but the joke is on those who don’t know this is a great place in which to get an affordable, quality education. For proof, check out Bluefield State College, which costs around $3,984 yearly.

Wisconsin: We already told you—technical colleges are where it’s at. One great and shining example of a technical school is Blackhawk Technical College, located in Janesville. For only $3,020 per year, you can earn a degree faster than you ever thought possible.

Wyoming: Last but not least, we have to mention Wyoming and amazing Casper College. Get a great education for only $1,668 yearly.

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