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College students are often broke, which is why it’s ironic that textbooks are so expensive. Between your crappy job, financial aid and maybe your parents, you may not be able to afford all your books. Fortunately for you the internet has made it so much easier to find cheap textbooks.

Years before, students have to pay for everything when they purchase their books from shipping to handling and this will make it even more expensive. However today, you can find several places where you can buy textbooks online at a cheaper price. You can even rent the books at your convenience.

Years ago, choices were limited. You could buy from your campus bookstore and maybe from another bookstore in town. Used books were from other students and you were relegated to looking on bulleting boards for ads. Now, it’s just a quick search.

First you should always check your official bookstore. If your school gives you a textbook list online, that’s even better. But it’s always best to check with the bookstore and get the book title, author, edition, ISBN, description of the front cover and price. Take a photo with your phone if you want.

Then take that information and start your search. Campus Books is the best place to start looking for cheap textbooks. You can search by title, author, ISBN or keyword and narrow it to purchase or rental or compare them. They even include e-books, which are gaining in popularity because they are much cheaper than most new books.

The key to textbook shopping is to compare prices. If your bookstore only charges $10 more and you need it that day, spend the extra money. If not, wait a few days. Make sure to take shipping and taxes into consideration – online purchases often mean no tax and you can usually find coupons for free shipping.

There is a Campus Books textbook search in the sidebar of this blog.

Contest: Win free textbooks!

BookByte is hosting another contest – this time to win FREE textbooks for the rest of your college career!

BookByte Contest

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Contest: Guaranteed Buyback

Guaranteed Buyback presented by BookByte

Who is BookByte?

BookByte, the company that offers textbook sales and rentals at a cheap price with FREE shipping just launched a great program that you’ll love. The Guaranteed Buyback program offers books at a low price, while also providing students with a 10% rebate if you sell you book back at the end of the semester. Read the rest of this entry »

Renting your textbooks?

Chegg I recently came across a website that lets you rent your textbooks for a semester (or quarter or summer). It’s called Chegg and you actually rent the book and send it back after you’re done. They boast that you can save up to 80% and help the environment. For every textbook that you rent from Chegg, they will plant a tree.

I tried it out and got an art book for the fall semester for only $50. Used ones even from Amazon were quoted at over $90. Chegg sometimes orders the books from resellers (such as Amazon) and has them sent directly to you (in the case that they didn’t have any on hand). You can do some light highlighting, but no writing in the books. It’s a pretty good service and I’m happy with it so far. The book arrived about four business days after I placed the order.