Ergonomic Tips in Using Your Laptop

While laptops give us convenience in many ways, they also place us at risk for injuries. The reason being is because the keyboard and the screen are attached in such a way that you cannot work your way around this particular design.

The risks –

  • Awkward wrist position
  • Pressure on the carpal tunnel
  • Flexed neck
  • Rounded shoulder

The best that you can do is to minimize the risks associated with using laptops.

  • Work on a table that is appropriate for your height
  • Sit close to the table on a comfortable chair
  • Bend your head as little as possible
  • Make sure your ears are directly above your shoulders
  • If you intend to use your laptop for long periods of time, it is best to get separate monitor, mouse and keyboard to decrease the risk for injuries
  • Have a laptop stand or alternatively use books underneath the laptop
  • Do not rest for your hands on the laptop surface while typing and make use of a 3-ring binder under the laptop. This decreases the risk for carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Make sure your elbows are not bent more than 90 degrees and this is best achieved by getting a high-enough chair
  • Reduce strain on your back by making sure you have footrest if your chair is high.

There will never be a true ergonomic position when using laptops thus it is still important to take a break and change position often.

Online storage

Some schools give their students some space on their servers to store files, which is great because then when your professor loses your paper, you can just print it out again, no sweat. Unfortunately, most schools don’t give students any web space. My school didn’t even give student emails until this year, but that was only because they needed an easier way to get in touch with students in an emergency.

Personally, I use my gmail account. There are programs, such as GSpace or Gmail drive, but I just email myself files. I don’t need access to my music or photo collection, so this works out better for me. Also, there are rumors that gmail accounts have been frozen for turning it into storage.

Websites that provide free online storage