Why Netflix will win the video war

I’ve been a loyal Netflix customer since April. When I turned eighteen and finally had some of my own money, I started my subscription. My parents used it before and I liked the idea of never having to go to a store to get movies they probably didn’t even have.

Currently, I’m on the 5-at-a-time plan, and when I time everything right, I end up with 10 movies in one week. That’s a great deal for about $32 a month after taxes. That comes out to about 80 cents per movie. Incredible.

And then I read about Netflix’s superior customer service over at Consumerist. Even more incredible. I haven’t had a reason to call, but if a problem ever arises, I won’t be dreading that talk with a CSR.

While Netflix keeps lowering their prices and Blockbuster raises theirs and takes away treats like in-store coupons, it’s pretty obvious who’s going to win this video war. And I think the biggest reason Netflix will take out movie-mogul Blockbuster is because they keep their customers happy. I mean, look at me, writing a great review of a company that takes my money when I’m a poor college student and only have so much money to throw around.