Why I don’t hate Vista

Vista Back in August, I purchased a Gateway ML3109 laptop and it came with Vista (Basic, I believe). At first, I was upset because I’d heard only horrible things. I’d seen screenshots of the changes and new features and wasn’t impressed. I was even less impressed because I’d heard Vista was a memory hog so when I bought the laptop, I had them upgrade the RAM to 1.5GB instead of just 512MB.

I took the laptop home and first thing off, I reinstalled Vista, taking out the unnecessary software. I installed a few of my own programs and now I’m actually pretty satisfied. I turned off all the enhanced security features and don’t use any of the new stuff – not sure I actually have any though and it works pretty well. I mainly use it for word processing and simple surfing because I feel less distracted on it than on my Mac. Once you get passed all of that, it’s really not that bad of an OS. It certainly beats Windows 2000.

What I like about Vista

  • Start search box (which you can turn off)
  • New control panel – confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s better
  • Not running all programs as administrator – helps with security
  • Network and sharing center – same with control panel, confusing at first, but much better for novices
  • It’s pretty – I like the new look, it’s simple, but nice
  • It’s much, much better for non-geeks – everything is simple and it doesn’t let you mess with things unless you know what you’re doing

I don’t have anything negative to say about Vista now that I’ve used it. Good job Microsoft.