What to do with financial aid

Because I have $50 in my bank account and my parents aren’t helping with paying for college, I naturally had to take out some student loans. After I got my refund check (two weeks after my school got my money from the bank) and then after another week of my bank holding the check, I will finally get my refund of a little under $5000 tomorrow. I’ve already budgeted myself out for this semester and this is just one part of my financial aid for the fall. I’ll be getting another $1750 at the end of September. After I take my cut for this month, I’m putting the rest into an online savings account with a high interest rate.

I’ve narrowed it down to WaMu and CapitalOne. Their interest rates are really good (WaMu 4.89%, CapitalOne 4.88%) and APY for both is 5%. Minimum to open an account is $1. No minimum balance, but for WaMu, you get charged monthly fee of $4 if balance goes below $300. Also, if I go through WaMu, in order to get those rates, I have to sign up for their free checking account, which I was considering doing anyway because Bank of America sucks. Downside to this is there aren’t any branches near me. The closest is two hours away. I am, however, allowed to transfer money online, which is what I’d do anyway. I also get free checks and a debit card so that’s what’s necessary anyway.