What to do if you’ve got writer’s block

I just finished my first real homework assignment for the semester. Guess which class? English. I wrote a two page paper that’s the start of my autobiography. When I get assigned an essay or even a fictional piece of writing, I always groan. Two pages, four pages, eight pages. It’s not just the length I’m afraid of, it’s the topic. I do like to write, but I don’t like to be told how to write or what to write about. Since this is going to be an autobiography, it’s all about me. Well, that’s pretty easy to write about. To make things better, my teacher told us to, in essence, throw up on the paper. Just write. Now that, I can do.

But what happens when you don’t just get to barf your essay and there’s a topic you have to write about. Inspiration is what you need. A mind block can come at any time, whether you’re trying to write a paper, a song or even design a website. To overcome it, you can do many things. Listen to music, take a break, take a walk. All great things to do to get you relaxed.

Purdue’s online writing lab (OWL) has some great tips to overcome writer’s block. World of Inspiration has quotes, some meaningful, some famous, some stupid, that can help. Writer’s Block is a great resource with a lot of articles, essays and letters.

My strategy is to go play a few addicting games and then try again.