Tips on how to save money

Money Surviving College Life has created a list of 50 Ways to Save Money in College. The list is broken down into eight categories that basically covers everything. Here are what I think are the top five tips (with my comments):

19. Use student discounts when you travel. Check with the bus, train, or airline you are using, or use a student travel site like
Don’t limit this to just travel. Most places in a college town have discounts for students. Use them!

22. Reduce your electricity bills: turn off your computer when you’re not using it, turn off lights when you leave the room, unplug appliances you aren’t using. Electricity is my second-highest bill, which I thought was due to my air conditioning. After doing some experimentation, I realized it’s my huge entertainment stations – TV/Playstation and my computer desk. Turning off electrical items is a tip which you will frequently encounter at money-saving sites, and it’s one which can have a big impact on the size of your bills. Getting into the habit of turning off electrical appliances is also something which will benefit you later in life, not just during your time at college. When I turned these things off for a week, my bill was CUT IN HALF.

35. Understand what your credit score is, and keep it healthy! It will help you save money later when you’re looking for low interest rates on car or home loans. Credit is very important for later in life and if you start building it (smartly) now, you will be ahead of your classmates by a long shot. Need help with this? Try Get Rich Slowly.

39. Don’t eat out. It adds up quickly, and if you’re not getting fast food, you have to add a tip. Eating out is one of my vices and I’m working on that. Restaurants are expensive and can be just as unhealthy as McDonald’s. You’re much better off (budget-wise and health-wise) if you cook healthy(-ish) meals on your own.

48. Sign up for freebies with your favorite restaurants. By signing up with Hollywood Video’s newsletter, they send you free movie rental coupons on a regular basis. I use these to supplement my Netflix addiction.

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