Take control of your online identity

The internet, which used to bring a sense of anonymity, is now the easiest way to find everything about you. Between Facebook and Myspace anyone can pull up all kinds of information about you, including photos, personality traits, contact information. Besides guarding your privacy, you can take other steps to ensure you have a safe online identity.

1. Use ClaimID. This is a website that pairs with OpenID to have one login for multiple websites. This way, you can make sure your information is tied to one username. So when your potential employer googles your name, you can make sure he only sees what you want him to see and not what some crazy man with your name posted on Myspace.

2. Run your email through IdentiFight. This service will find website accounts that are tied to your email. It will pull up your flickr, myspace, magnolia, etc. So be careful NOT to give your mom the same email you post pictures of you drinking beer on myspace.

3. Search different combinations of your name on google. See what comes up.