Readers, what can I do better?

I know I have readers, at the moment there are 75 people with my feed in their reader. I want to know what you, as a reader, want to see more of on this site.

More posts related to money? Financial aid/student loans? Entertainment?

What do you like best? What do you want me to stop posting about? How do you feel about weekend links posts?

I created this blog to entertain myself, but it’s turned into a blog with a pretty good following and I want to keep my readers happy. I have some current ideas and I’d appreciate some feedback on them, as well as anything else you want to say.

To Do List

  • Upgrade WordPress
  • Change the nofollow plugin to Link Love plugin
  • Add more plugins, such as DomTab for recent comments/top commentators/something else
  • Add MyBlogLog readers widget

I was also toying with the idea of changing the layout. I get bored so very easily with my layouts and always want to change them, but I was thinking for this site, I’d just change the sidebar area around a little.

Please, readers and new visitors, would you please give me some feedback. Thanks.