Getting Things Done

I’m currently on a mission to find an organization program that I like. I’ve been looking through online apps and actual software. I want something that lets me organize my bills, schedule, tasks and school assignments. It needs to integrate well with the student part of me and the citizen part of me.

First, I tried mySchoolog. I like the way the schedule works. It’s pretty and uses Ajax so it’s nice. The one thing I don’t like about it is that sometimes it’s slow to save and load things. I think it’s overwhelmed. It has a way to integrate your grades and tasks. Another downside is it doesn’t really have a nice way to incorporate my bills.

Next I tried Vitalist. It’s just a GTD website. It’s very color-coded, which is really nice. But it doesn’t have a specific way to include my school work or schedule. It’s simply a task manager.

Does anyone have any programs or online web applications they use and recommend or know of but haven’t had a chance to try? I’m really looking to try anything, whether it’s software (Windows or Mac) or a website.