Online degrees

Online degrees are an upcoming trend that I’m not sure about. Usually, when taking a course online, it’s much easier. There’s not a teacher around you to watch and make sure you’re not cheating. I’ve seen more and more universities pop up that solely give online degrees, for example, Utica College offers Economic Crime Degrees.

For some people, online degrees might be the way to go. If you can’t afford or don’t have the time to go to a physical school, but still need a degree, it’s a nice choice to have. Utica College offers an intensive online cybersecurity degree and a masters in cybercrime investigation, which are subjects I’ve thought about before, but what with all the identity theft going on, wouldn’t be a bad field to get into.

One thing that you’d want to look for with an online university is accreditation. If I spend money and get a degree at this college, is it going to be good enough for an employer? Also, what would the classes be like? Utica College uses WebCT, which is something my university uses and is a nice course management system.

Getting a college education online could save you a lot of time, energy and money if you’re looking for that sort of environment. It may not be for eighteen year-olds, but it might be just the thing if you’re a little older and juggling a full-time job.

Readers, what are your opinions on this? Do you think they’re a waste or just what we need in the education field?