Getting nostalgic with a Nintendo 64

Nintendo 64 While I was going through Typo Trawler a few weeks ago, I found a Nintendo 64 for auction on Ebay for $10. It was in perfect working condition, well, as perfect as those consoles could be, so I bought it. I also bought two games, Super Mario and Mortal Kombat for $3 each. With shipping, I got the console and two games for $25.

I know that Nintendo 64 is actually a crappy system. If you’re lucky enough to find a console that does work, half the time the games won’t play. I also had to clean mine really well before it finally played either games. But that’s not the only reason I decided to get one. This along with the Dreamcast was the only video game system I’m familiar with. I remember when I was eight and playing Super Mario with my friends.

Regular Nintendos and Super Nintendos are a lot more expensive. Original Playstations are cheap, but I’m not familiar with any of the games. I’m still not very good with video games, but I’m working on it. While my boyfriend is at work today, I’m practicing my moves so I can finally beat him in Mortal Kombat. He found me the codes to do moves with my favorite characters (the two Asian ladies and the one with the silver hair) and I practice while he’s gone.