Halloween costumes

Padme Halloween is still almost two months away, but seeing as how it is one of the biggest excuses to party, it deserves some adequate planning. It is the one time of year where girls can dress in the skimpiest outfits and no one can call them a slut. It’s the one time when the streets will be covered in pumpkin guts and when everyone can drink until they puke. Oh wait, that last one happens all the time.

In all seriousness, Halloween is my favorite pointless holiday and searching for the perfect costume starts very early. This year is going to be themed for me and my boyfriend. We’re going as Padme and Anakin from Star Wars. And this year I’m actually going to buy my costume instead of try to make it. (That failed miserably a few years ago.) BuyCostumes.com has over 15,000 costumes for various holidays, but mostly for Halloween. Their costumes are all new and are usually much cheaper than you would find in a regular costume shop. My Padme costume is going to cost me $50 from them, but when I found one in the costume shop downtown, they wanted $100 to rent it.