Grand Central

Grand Central Grand Central is a service now owned by Google that brings all of your phone numbers together. Basically, you get one phone number that rings all of your numbers and you can decide which phone you want to answer on. There’s settings to decide which call gets directed to which line so only your friends call your cell phone.

According to the website, Grand Central allows you to:

  • Check your messages by phone, email, or online
  • Keep all your messages online for eternity
  • Record and store your phone calls (just like voicemail)
  • Quickly (and secretly) block an annoying caller
  • Click-to-dial from your address book
  • Surprise your callers with a custom voicemail greeting
  • Forward, download, and add notes to your messages

It’s actually a very great service and I enjoy using it. I don’t have caller ID on my home phone because I’m cheap and never use it (cable is bundled and it’s actually cheaper to have a phone and not use it than to not have a phone…interesting) so when someone calls my home phone, I know it’s not someone I want to talk to since I don’t ever give out that number and I have my GC number set to ring my cell phone and my boyfriend’s phone.

Grand Central is in beta (and FREE) so it requires an invitation to sign up. You can either sign up for one here like I did, or get one from a user. If you’d like one from me, I have ten invites left so let me know.