Don’t forget to evaluate your professor

Since semesters are over one last thing you can do is rate your professors. To help out other students who are going to take your class, let them know about the instructor. (This is also helpful if you still haven’t registered for the spring.) and are two websites that have a huge amount of reviews. While PickAProf isn’t free, it’s much easier to navigate and is only $5. It also has much better features, like grade histories. I’ve left reviews of each of my professors at both websites, with details of their grading/test policies and anything else a future student would like to know in advance.

Evaluations are usually done the last class day before the final and they’re a great way to get the teacher to hear your thoughts about the class. I enjoyed filling out professor evaluations because they actually read them and take most seriously. My mom teaches at a large university in Texas and she gave me some advice to make sure the prof takes me seriously:

  1. Explain yourself. Don’t be vague and just say “You suck!”
  2. If things need to be improved, list them and be specific. This is your chance to let them know that the absence policy is too strict.
  3. They will listen to criticism, if it makes sense and seems appropriate. They’re not going to change a policy without a good reason (having no tests, for example).
  4. If you aren’t going to say anything constructive or helpful, just don’t fill out the eval. They’d rather get no feedback than someone who isn’t taking it seriously. By being silly, you take away from the weight of student opinions.
  5. Try to have decent handwriting so they can actually read what you write.