College Alumni Forums

Websites like Facebook and Myspace allow people to connect with their friends and stay current on old ones, especially high school and college friends when you’ve already moved on. Unfortunately, Myspace and now Facebook are teeming with members that are inappropriate for professional people trying to keep up with college alumni.

Websites like and Only Alumni are ways to find friends, but not have to interact with thirteen year-olds and creepy old men. Only Alumni has a college alumni forum, which makes it easy to meet new friends and talk freely. It’s as simple as registering on any forum to be an active user. Not all universities have an active community, but some do, like Union College Schenectady Alumni, but that’s the same as everywhere else.

When you’ve got a well-known social network, it increases the chances of finding classmates, but unfortunately, it also attracts idiots. Since the internet is increasing in popularity with just about everyone and their mother becoming active, it gets harder to keep your online and offline lives separate, which is why I prefer smaller communities like Only Alumni. Even, which is a much older community, has immature people that have forgotten they’ve graduated high school ages ago.