Can you make money from surveys?

That College Kid is a hobby website. It’s not my only, but it is currently my favorite. The purpose of this website is NOT to make money. It’s about the content, the readers and myself. That’s why there’s not ads everywhere. However, I do profit a little. I do have the Text Link Ads InLinks plugin installed on this site, which I think has three or four links throughout the website. I follow a few money-making blogs and know of the different ad systems. I’ve tried sponsored posts before and found one or two per month (between my different sites) is plenty of money for me.

A friend recommend a website called Cash Crate, which I signed up for today. You get paid to complete offers and surveys. Most give you about $1, but there are some (that require a credit card) that pay $10-15. Those offers are the free trials for services like, Netflix and eFax. If you’re a careful person and you can keep track of when the free trial will end and cancel, you won’t be charged for anything. It’s been two days and I’ve made $20 with another $30 pending approval (the websites I completed offers with send notice back to Cash Crate). I’m actually pretty impressed with this service and have been talking to other members who’ve been successfully paid and enjoy the website. If you’re looking for an easy way to make money without a website, Cash Crate is a great place to start.

I’m on the lookout for other survey/offer-completing sites that are similar to Cash Crate and don’t require ridiculous things to get paid. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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