A cheap Thanksgiving when you can’t go home

Don and I aren’t going to make it back home for Thanksgiving because he’s working over the holiday (he works in retail), so we weren’t planning to do anything special. I was thinking about making chicken fried steak since we have everything we need, but now, I think I’m going to make my own Thanksgiving.

  • Cooked rotisserie chicken – $5.99
  • Kraft Stove Top stuffing mix – $1.99
  • Green beans – $0.25 a can
  • Kraft macaroni and cheese – $0.25 a box
  • Cranberry sauce – $0.89 a can
  • Pumpkin pie mix – $1.99

Total: 11.36

My local grocery store has cooked rotisserie chickens, which is what I’m going to use, but you can over-roast a small, inexpensive turkey or chicken, which can be about $5 if you pay attention. Most of this stuff doesn’t require a whole lot of work, and can be a nice substitute for a great home-cooked Thanksgiving. While Kraft mac and cheese doesn’t even come close to Grandma’s, it’ll be better than cold pizza.