7 ways to save on shopping

We’re all suckers for stuff, whether it’s fancy shoes or video games. When you’re broke, it’s hard to just curb that desire, even though you know you should. I have seven ways to shop smart so you can afford to spoil yourself sometimes.

1. Dealio is your source for the best deals on anything, anywhere. It’s a community that allows you to search for items to find the best deal, whether it’s in a store or on Ebay. They also have coupons for weapons for websites like overstock.com, which is already cheaper than buying retail, which means you save more.

2. Shop around. I can’t stress this enough. Just because you finally found whatever you’re looking for doesn’t guarantee a good price. Sometimes waiting means you find a better deal, or realizing that you don’t actually need the item.

3. Pro Bargain Hunter is a blog full of bargain news, tips and resources. They offer an Amazon discount table, as well as other free tools to find great prices.

4. Retail Me Not is a great website, one of my favorites for bargain hunting. It is a collaborative website offering coupons for thousands of websites. I’ve saved nearly $70 through Amazon with their coupons when I was shopping for textbooks.

5. Use Google Products to help compare between their giant list of stores to find the best price, and then compare with Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist.

6. Always try Craigslist. If you can find it locally, it cuts out the shipping cost.

7. Last but not least, FatWallet.