Readers, what can I do better?

I know I have readers, at the moment there are 75 people with my feed in their reader. I want to know what you, as a reader, want to see more of on this site.

More posts related to money? Financial aid/student loans? Entertainment?

What do you like best? What do you want me to stop posting about? How do you feel about weekend links posts?

I created this blog to entertain myself, but it’s turned into a blog with a pretty good following and I want to keep my readers happy. I have some current ideas and I’d appreciate some feedback on them, as well as anything else you want to say.

To Do List

  • Upgrade WordPress
  • Change the nofollow plugin to Link Love plugin
  • Add more plugins, such as DomTab for recent comments/top commentators/something else
  • Add MyBlogLog readers widget

I was also toying with the idea of changing the layout. I get bored so very easily with my layouts and always want to change them, but I was thinking for this site, I’d just change the sidebar area around a little.

Please, readers and new visitors, would you please give me some feedback. Thanks.

New Layout

I am in the process of uploading and debugging a brand new layout for That College Kid. Please bare with me while I get everything straightened out. There will be errors, some might be fixed by the time you refresh the page. I’ll update this when it’s finished.

Edit: For the most part, the new layout is in place. I still have a few things to add, but there shouldn’t be any problems. Please let me know if there are. Thanks.

That college kid (.com) is born

I’m sure no one will read this post. It’s not an interesting one anyway. This is just the lovely first post of a brand new website. I decided that since I’m starting a new phase of my real life, my internet life should follow suit. I’m upgrading from a blog I had throughout high school to one I shall have throughout college.

This is a fresh install of WordPress on a brand new domain I purchased through E-Starr (also where I am hosted). You can find more about this website on different pages and learn more about me through posts, etc. Enjoy.