Keeping your eyes healthy with eyeglasses

As one of the biggest eye conditions facing today’s working and studying generation, Computer Vision Syndrome is something that everyone who works in front of a computer should know about. The World Health Organization reported that at least 153 million people have problems with their vision, whether near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and/or astigmatism – these problems are all easily treated with a pair of prescription eyeglasses.

For those who wear contact lenses in addition to their glasses, hours in front of the computer can be a particularly painful experience, resulting in red, itchy and irritated eyes, in addition to nasty headaches.

According to certain national studies, the percentage of Americans needing eyeglasses rose to almost 42% between 1999 and 2004. One can only imagine how that has risen since smart phones and netbooks have entered the market and people are straining their eyes even further.

To accommodate this growing market of eyeglass wearers, eyeglass stores and manufacturers have stepped up to provide what is needed to fit lifestyle needs, fashion desires and individual tastes. What’s better is that with the growth of the world of online eyeglasses, these fantastic frames are available at up to 70% less than their equal quality counterparts in the offline eyeglasses world.

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Find the right online school

For those interested in pursuing online education instead of traditional degrees, it’s hard to know where to start. Online schools can be a scam and a waste of time. How are you to figure out which ones are the best? Of course, there is a website to help you out. An Online Degree By Distance Learning will help you find the perfect online school. By inputting your choices, this website will help you find the best school to pursue your online degree.

The best way to find a good school that will actually teach you the things you need instead of giving you a piece of paper for money is to ensure your school is an accredited university. Meeting with (either by phone or in person) an admissions counselor will also help build your confidence in the school. You can also try talking to other students through message boards to see if they enjoyed getting their degree and would recommend the university.

This website doesn’t just show you online schools like University of Phoenix. It also includes traditional campuses that offer distance learning programs. There is also other information for those interested in going back to school after working. There are helpful articles and links to other resources. As a bonus, there are articles about telecommuting jobs, which is something that I have. Working from home doing customer service is a great, flexible job for any student.


I discovered another new website with great study features – Quizlet. With a free membership you can create sets of vocabulary words and study them. It allows you to set the privacy of the set, whether it’s for you only, your friends or public. After, you can familiarize yourself with them and also go through online flashcards. Quizlet also will let you create a test, with multiple choice, matching and fill in the blank questions. You can also alphabetize and export your vocabulary sets.

I’ve been using Quizlet for about two weeks now and it’s my favorite online study tool. I’ve created twelve different vocab sets for four different classes and it’s worked wonders. My favorite option is the exportation…I can pull the words into a Word document to print out or print flashcards. The website is very fast and works great. I haven’t had any problems. You can import words (copy and paste only right now, which makes it easier if you already have your words typed up. One trick I’ve learned is when typing words, you can tab to the next word if there aren’t enough boxes and it creates a new box for you instead of having to push the button…makes it much easier and quicker to add words.

Renting your textbooks?

Chegg I recently came across a website that lets you rent your textbooks for a semester (or quarter or summer). It’s called Chegg and you actually rent the book and send it back after you’re done. They boast that you can save up to 80% and help the environment. For every textbook that you rent from Chegg, they will plant a tree.

I tried it out and got an art book for the fall semester for only $50. Used ones even from Amazon were quoted at over $90. Chegg sometimes orders the books from resellers (such as Amazon) and has them sent directly to you (in the case that they didn’t have any on hand). You can do some light highlighting, but no writing in the books. It’s a pretty good service and I’m happy with it so far. The book arrived about four business days after I placed the order.