Useful Tips to Succeed in College

For students who are currently attending college, surviving the rigorous training may not exactly be the task you signed up for but nonetheless you are required to complete. Here are some useful tips that you can make use of:

  • Study your lessons at least 3 days prior to your major exam. If you can study for at least around 2-3 hours a day, this would be very helpful especially when you don’t do well when you cram. If you have time management strategy, this would be very simple.
  • Don’t study the night before you take the exam. Instead, you should go to bed earlier and get plenty of rest so that your mind will not get too exhausted which will result to sleepiness on your exam.
  • Go to school at least 1 hour prior to your examination and take your seat at least 10 minutes before the exam commences. This allows you to relax and prepare yourself for the upcoming challenge.
  • Make sure you read instructions well and follow them strictly so that you wouldn’t have any problems later on.
  • Scan the entire paper before you answer any question so that you can have adequate time to plan ahead. This way, you would know how much time you should allot for each item.
  • Always check the back of each questionnaire so that you wouldn’t have to miss anything.
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  • If you are answering essay questions, it is important that you state your complete answer. You need to read the question properly and answer it completely.

Job Transfer

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker

When my husband told me his job wanted to transfer him to Florida I was excited about the opportunity. He was scared to tell me because he thought I wouldn’t want to move so far away, but who wouldn’t want to move to sunny Florida? I knew I would enjoy the warm weather and I thought I needed a change. I will miss my family, but I’m sure they will come and visit since we will be in a great location close to all of the theme parks. We are planning on moving down there by the end of the month, so I’m trying to get things organized. We already found a place to live, so now I am setting up all of the utilities. I’m not too worried about home security Orlandoright now. I think I’ll wait to check out the neighborhood to see what we should do on that front. I have applied for a few jobs so far so I hope I will have some interviews lined up soon after we arrive. I can’t wait to move already!

Chicken or Beef Tacos

The budget of a college student is stereotypically small for one reason or another, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck eating ramen noodles and Kraft Mac N Cheese.


  • Chicken Tacos: 1 lb chicken* cooked
  • Beef Tacos: 1 lb ground beef cooked
  • Taco shells or tortillas
  • Cheese
  • Sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. if you want

Tacos are one of my favorite meals because they’re hearty and delicious, but very cheap. If you want to go the extra mile, you can make your own tortillas. White Wings makes a tortilla mix that you just add water to – it’s very easy, just roll the dough, flatten it and pan fry.

*What kind of chicken? Light or dark meat, bone in or out, it only matters for amount of prep. If you want to get bone-in chicken, you can boil it til it’s almost done and then peel the meat off. White meat shreds better than dark meat. I pan fry it with seasonings and butter or olive oil.

Contest: America’s Smartest Slacker

CourseSmart and CollegeHumor are holding a contest to find “America’s Smartest Slacker.”

From their website: “That’s why we want to hear the story of the smartest, cleverest, most creative academic shortcut you’ve ever taken. You can submit your story below – the winner gets $1,000 CASH. They will also snag a year’s supply of free eTextbooks from CourseSmart, AND will have their story turned into an animated video on CollegeHumor! Enter now!”

To enter, you must be a college student enrolled in an accredited university in the United States 18 years or older. Submissions are accepted now through Monday, February 7th.

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