Being Productive While Commuting

Generally, it is not good for the eyes to read while on the road. Well, I beg to differ – most of the time we spend at least 30 minutes walking to get to our classes.

Thirty minutes can make a big difference in your learning experience. Here’s how to be productive while commuting –

  1. Listen to audio books, podcasts and class recordings – It has been proven that listening can significantly improve your knowledge base. It helps you discover the things you might have missed before.
  2. Always keep flash cards with you all the time – Flash cards are easy to read and it doesn’t even take 30 minutes to cover everything.
  3. List your priorities for the day – You can list on a piece of paper your itineraries for the day so that it is easier for you to stay on track.
  4. Proofread your papers – You can scan your papers and check for grammatical, spelling and sentence construction errors.
  5. Scan class notes – Reading while you are on the move is a big no-no thus it is better to scan your notes or probably take a peek on highlighted texts.
  6. Return calls and text messages – If you missed some calls and messages, the great time to respond or take a call is during your commute.

Finally, learning how to relax through breathing techniques while you are commuting is a great way to become productive.

Benefits of Trade School

We have touched on alternatives to traditional colleges before, and it is definitely worth another look. If you were raised like I was, your parents only advocated for college. Trade school was never a thought in their mind, and mine because of it. However, if you have struggled with traditional academic programs, you should think about trade school.

Benefits of Trade School

They teach you a trade. Instead of focusing on a broad range of academics, with a focus in one area, trade schools teach you one specific trade. Examples include accounting, cooking, dental assistance, medical billing, paralegal, HVAC, etc. Once you graduate from a radiology program, for example, you will be able to enter the workforce as a radiologist. If your trade needs a certification, the schools will arrange and prepare you for the test.

Trade school programs often have smaller classrooms, which gives you more one-on-one time with the professor. Your peers are also taking the same classes so you can easily form study groups. This can also help you build meaningful contacts to help your career.

Studies have also shown that employers show a preference for students with tech school diplomas because they already have the know-how and hands-on learning.

The best benefit of all, it’s quicker and cheaper. Graduating from college takes 4 years, on average, while trade school is much quicker. Some programs are only 6-10 weeks and some take 2-3 years. Either way, your overall expenses, including tuition and fees is much less than they would be if you went to a four year university.

Trade or vocational school

If you are not sure you want to go to college, but you do not want to start out working for McDonald’s after high school, an alternative to a traditional university is trade or vocational school. There are a lot of different trades you can learn, but cosmetology is one of the most promising.

Beauty Schools of America is a fully licensed and accredited school for the top cosmetology students. They are located in Florida and are approved as an accredited school by many industry organizations so you can get the best education. Like a traditional college, Beauty Schools of America offers day, afternoon and evening classes so you can work full or part time while attending school.

For over twenty years, Beauty School Florida has been providing students with the skills needed to succeed in the cosmetology industry. They use the Milady system of training, which is designed to nurture your speed and creativity so you can earn a high income in the beauty industry. They offer a comprehensive beauty and spa career training in a large number of areas. They also offer speciality courses, seminars and professional development classes so you can continue your training and stay abreast of the latest industry dynamics.

Trade and vocational schools are a great way to bypass traditional universities, but still have a good career.

Find the right online school

For those interested in pursuing online education instead of traditional degrees, it’s hard to know where to start. Online schools can be a scam and a waste of time. How are you to figure out which ones are the best? Of course, there is a website to help you out. An Online Degree By Distance Learning will help you find the perfect online school. By inputting your choices, this website will help you find the best school to pursue your online degree.

The best way to find a good school that will actually teach you the things you need instead of giving you a piece of paper for money is to ensure your school is an accredited university. Meeting with (either by phone or in person) an admissions counselor will also help build your confidence in the school. You can also try talking to other students through message boards to see if they enjoyed getting their degree and would recommend the university.

This website doesn’t just show you online schools like University of Phoenix. It also includes traditional campuses that offer distance learning programs. There is also other information for those interested in going back to school after working. There are helpful articles and links to other resources. As a bonus, there are articles about telecommuting jobs, which is something that I have. Working from home doing customer service is a great, flexible job for any student.