3 Ways to Get Paid Helping Other Students

This guest post was written by Brendan Baker, a writer for the Student of Fortune blog. You can also find him on the site’s twitter page: @studentfortune

Like any college student, you’d probably enjoy having a little more money in your pocket. But if you don’t have the time to dedicate to a full or part-time job, what other options do you have? Of course there are online opportunities, but more often than not the job is either a get-rich-quick-scheme or an always dubious work-from-home gig. You’re starting to wonder if there are any easy and reliable ways to make money out there.
Well look no further. Below I’ve listed 3 ways of making money that are simple and legitimate. But as an added bonus, these sites will not only bring you some serious dough, but you’ll be helping students like yourself at the same time.

Ready? Here are 3 great ways to earn money by…

1. Running errands
This is a relatively new concept that is really catching on. One of my favorite sites for this is called TaskRabbit, and the idea is simple: If you have an errand to run but you don’t have the time or energy, why not pay someone else to do it? Users can post just about any kind of task they need completed and others in the area will bid on the opportunity to complete it. The person with the lowest bid (and assuming they have passed a background check), gets the job. From picking up groceries to helping a neighbor move, there is no limit to the different kinds of tasks offered. Look for jobs you can bid on around your campus.

2. Tutoring
Are you a math whiz? Maybe you’re an expert in Greek architecture. If so, did know you could get paid for your expertise? Homework help sites are a great place to not only get help with math, science or a variety of other subjects, but you can make some pretty good money tutoring people in those subjects too. In fact, one of the highest earners from a site like StudentofFortune.com has made over $280,000 (Click here if you don’t believe me).

3. Taking notes
Ok, so maybe you’re not a math genius, but perhaps you take good notes. Lucky for you, now you can sell your quality work to needy students. All you have to do is upload your notes, specify the class, and then wait for an anxious student to purchase them. This might be a great alternative if you want to make some money but you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. I like Notehall for this.

As you can see, there are lots of legitimate ways to earn cash without breaking a sweat (unless of course your task is to move a piano across town). In all three of my examples, money can be earned without a long application process, with little to no work experience, and all on your time. Best of all, you’re helping students succeed at the same time. Sounds like a no-brainer to me.

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I personally have been using Cash Crate to make money since 2008. You fill out surveys and signup for websites. You will need another email address because you will get bombarded with marketing emails. Cash Crate is a great way to make easy money. I haven’t actually filled out a survey or done an offer since 2008. If you refer people, you get a portion of their earnings and a portion of their referrals’ earnings, too.

5 Ways to make some quick money

1. Sell on ebay. This requires some research, but what I do is scour Best Buy and Circuit City (and other such electronics retailers) for great sales, then buy the product and put it on ebay. Best Buy has some great sales where you can get $100 off retail value, sell it on ebay and get a $50-75 profit easily.

2. Join websites that pay you to fill out surveys and do free trials. The ones with high payout are usually trial offers that require a credit card to join, and if you cancel within the trial, you won’t be billed. I’ve made $80 in two months with Cash Crate. You’ll also need an extra email address for all the spam you will get from the surveys.

3. Do laundry for your friends. It costs me $2 to wash and dry one load of clothes, so charge $4 and you make easy money with a few minutes of work.

4. Bring energy drinks and snacks to all-night study sessions in the university center or library and sell them to the different study groups. This works best during finals week.

5. If you’re decent with computers, start a computer maintenance “business”. Post flyers advertising your services around campus. Offer to backup hard drives, clean up and optimize computers, install new memory…Charge half of what it costs to take it to Best Buy.

Time to sell those textbooks

Semesters are coming to a close and it’s time to sell the textbooks you’ll no longer need. Some of them you never needed in the first place. I’ve been researching and found a few different websites that are best shots for my books. The offers from these websites were the highest, but it really takes time and effort to find where you’ll get the most money back.



Valore Books

If the prices given at the above websites aren’t high enough for you, or they don’t want your book, try eBay or, go through the Google search results for sell college textbooks.

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Can you make money from surveys?

That College Kid is a hobby website. It’s not my only, but it is currently my favorite. The purpose of this website is NOT to make money. It’s about the content, the readers and myself. That’s why there’s not ads everywhere. However, I do profit a little. I do have the Text Link Ads InLinks plugin installed on this site, which I think has three or four links throughout the website. I follow a few money-making blogs and know of the different ad systems. I’ve tried sponsored posts before and found one or two per month (between my different sites) is plenty of money for me.

A friend recommend a website called Cash Crate, which I signed up for today. You get paid to complete offers and surveys. Most give you about $1, but there are some (that require a credit card) that pay $10-15. Those offers are the free trials for services like Stamps.com, Netflix and eFax. If you’re a careful person and you can keep track of when the free trial will end and cancel, you won’t be charged for anything. It’s been two days and I’ve made $20 with another $30 pending approval (the websites I completed offers with send notice back to Cash Crate). I’m actually pretty impressed with this service and have been talking to other members who’ve been successfully paid and enjoy the website. If you’re looking for an easy way to make money without a website, Cash Crate is a great place to start.

I’m on the lookout for other survey/offer-completing sites that are similar to Cash Crate and don’t require ridiculous things to get paid. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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