Dealing with Different Personalities in One Team

Most of us experienced being thrown into a group as professors simply adore projects done by a team. It may seem easy to complete a project when done with a team but it is actually a lot harder than we think.

The reason is – personalities. Yes, personalities will make it harder because you will be thrown into a group different from your circle of friends. So, how do you deal with it?

The Easy-Go-Lucky

This is the type of person who doesn’t care about what’s going on in the group. It is often frustrating to remind this person often but give him a series of small tasks and he’ll do just fine rather than overwhelming him with large tasks he couldn’t possibly do.

The Introverted

Don’t underestimate an introverted person in the group because he is an asset. Assign a specific task for him to do and he will get it done but don’t forget to ask his ideas regarding the tasks rather than expecting him to speak up because chances are – he won’t.

The Cooperative

It would be great to have a few of this personality in the group which will serve as the backbone and the easiest personality to deal with. They will be the ones who will carry out the plans the group has mapped out and make sure it is done on time.

Last but definitely not the least –

The Leader

Every group will have a person with leadership personality and he’s the one who will take control things from the start. You just have to let him do his thing but understand that his weakness will be on the details. Help him map out the small details like deadlines and roles.

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These are just the major personalities you have to deal with when thrown into a team. Dealing with them in the right way will make your group all the more productive.