Custom essay writing

In high school, a friend of mine paid an essay writing company to write an essay for him. He didn’t get caught actually because websites like Custom Writing actually writes the paper to your needs. Half the paper isn’t copied onto their website for teachers to simply paste the contents into Google. They have a thesis service and even free plagiarism detection, which makes this not quite as stupid as simply buying stock essays off the internet.

I’ve always thought people who did this sort of thing were idiots, but now that there’s better alternatives, I don’t find it quite as moronic. Immoral maybe, but not stupid. There’s not really an easy way for teachers to tell you haven’t written the paper, it’s much the same as bullying the class nerd into doing your homework (or paying them), which is pretty common practice actually.

Most people think of this as cheating and it is – but are you okay with cheating? If you look at life as a game, people always cheat. Whether it’s cheating on taxes or not telling the cashier you ate half the grapes while you were shopping (they’re usually charged by weight so you’re not paying for the ones you’ve eaten). Most people I’ve talked to about this have been afraid of getting caught. They aren’t worried about morals, but about getting in trouble.

So readers, what are your views? Would you use a service like this if you knew 100% you weren’t going to get caught?