Contest: Submit tips, tricks and advice!

I’ve been wanting to hold a contest for my readers for awhile, but couldn’t think of a good way to go about it, but my mind has been made up for me. On behalf of H&R Block, I received two copies of H&R Block’s TaxCut Premium software for a giveaway, and so the contest begins. That College Kid is a student productivity website and so it’s only natural to have the contest center around that instead of creating backlinks or other such nonsense.

How to enter

Submit tips, tricks or advice via the comments. Subject should be directed towards students, productivity, school, etc., basically anything that would help students out.


1. You can submit as many as you like.
2. Enter correct detail information (especially email address) as that is how I will be contacting you.
3. I will choose ten of the best submissions and hold a poll to find the winners.
4. Submissions must be in by February 15.


H&R Block’s TaxCut Premium Software1st place
There will be one first place winner who will receive a free copy of H&R Block’s TaxCut Premium software and $20 via paypal. The winner will also receive a mystery package designed just for students.

2nd place
The second place winner will receive a free copy of H&R Block’s TaxCut Premium software and a link.

3rd place
The third place winner will receive a link.

Contest has ended!

There weren’t as many submissions as I would have liked, and because of that, I’m not going to hold a poll. I’ve chosen the winners. If you’re one of the top three, you should have received an email. I want to thank everyone who entered. 🙂

1. Chuck – If you are procrastinator, always pull your all nighter at least a day before the test. It sounds strange, but by doing this, you will be much better rested the day of the test and if you pull one the day before, none of the anxiety can build up, causing you a restless night. Also, since you just pulled an all-nighter, physically you will need sleep and not be tempted to stay up all night.

2. ES – Ever e-mailed your professor? Well, if you have, you’d realize that writing an e-mail to a prof is probably more difficult than a term paper. Why? Because your guard is down. You know you have to be formal in a term paper but when it comes to writing an e-mail, we often take the same attitude when writing to our friends. Big mistake! When you speak to your professor, at least he or she can tell your sincerity through your body language but when you send it through such a faceless medium, all he or she can gauge you by are the words you write and more importantly, how you write them. So always maintain formality in such e-mails, be courteous and use proper sentences and grammar. That e-mail could just be your ticket to an A (or an F).

3. Campus Grotto – Before selecting your major, consider taking a few related classes or even doing an early internship to make sure it’s actually something you want to do.